Best Trimmers for Men

There are variety of beard and mustache trimmers to choose from. I personally feel Norelco Beard Trimmer is one of the best among all other brands like Andis, Oster Teqie, Conair, Andis, Wahl and so on. Among all other trimmers which I have used Norelco beard trimmer gives you a fast and clean shave. Most of the Norelco beard trimmers come with steel-wave blades. You have to consider a lot of things before buying best and top beard trimmers in india.

One of the biggest advantage of using steel-wave blades are that these blades are self sharpening and are very sharp. With such sharp blades it is not necessary that you need to put extra effort while removing your hair, rather a delicate touch is more than enough to remove your beard and mustache hair to any length you wish.

When you a buy a trimmer, confirm that it exactly matches your needs. If you want a very close trim then go for Norelco T510 trimmer. This trimmer is good for slight touch-up on your beard and mustache. On the other hand if you want a trimmer which is better suited to cut long hair then you can go for Norelco T980 trimmer. Most of these trimmers come with a warranty period of 2 to 3 years. Most of these norelco trimmers come with a transparent chamber which automatically collects all the removed hair thus by requiring very less clean up after shave.

You always have an option of going for corded trimmers or cordless trimmers. Cordless trimmers will be a good choice for all those who travel frequently. If you do not want to go for norelco trimmers then other brands like Wahl, Remington, Braun, Conair will also be a good choice. If you are looking for a cheap trimmer which requires very less maintenance and at the same time serving most of your needs, then go for Remington MB-200.

Finally each trimmer serves a different purpose. You have a variety of trimmers to choose from which serves all your various needs. Whatever may be the case don’t opt for trimmers which are unbranded. Obviously the price of these trimmers will be very less but it will lack mainly in terms of performance and moreover the lifespan of such trimmers will also be very less.

Which Electric Shaver to Buy ?

When trying to decide which electric shaver to buy it’s probably best to start with your budget and needs. If money is not an object I would suggest reading the post “What’s The Best Mens Electric Shaver“.

Now you need to choose between a foil head or a rotary. Both are good but if you are shaving around any kind of beard or mustache I would go with a foil razor.

Of the foil type Braun electric shavers are the way to go and the 7 series is their top of the line. Unless you want to be able to shave in the shower or use shaving cream, then you only have one choice which are Panasonic shavers and their best is the Vortex line.

As far as rotaries go Philips Norelco shavers are tops. They give a fast close shave and come with as many bells and whistles as you want to pay for. Norelcos’ top of the line is the Arcitec

All of these brands of mens electric shavers have models ranging in price from around $35 to over $200. If you can afford it and want all the goodies go for it. But you can get a good razor that will do the job just fine for a lot less.

I would recommend not getting the cheapest one you find though. If you spend around $60 though you will get a quality shaver that will last and give you a close comfortable shave.

Buying guide

Consider a shaver with a pop-up trimmer, which helps mow clean edges and makes it easier to do detailing, such as carving hot-rod flames into your stubble. Please note that I will only cover the financial part — purchase price and running costs — so I won’t be touching other aspects of buying a new shaver. Instead, we walk into the store and either pick the first electric razor we see or the one that will cost us the least. This is a must-have feature if you prefer doing your shaving in the shower or depend on gel or foam products to make sure your sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated. For example, the Braun series 7 allows corded shaving while the Braun series 9 doesn’t.

An Ideal razor/shaver have LED indicators that indicated while charging and when battery is full.Like other electronic devices it’s a good thing and keeps you updated about battery life and also protect the shaver from getting over-charged. The blades used in them are far durable than disposable razors, and any parts that may require replacement can be found easily, without spending too much. But if you’ve yet to make the switch, transitioning from traditional to electric may present some obstacles—you’re attached to your favorite razor, for example, or worry that you might not get as close a shave with one of those newfangled gizmos.

Rotary shavers typically move better over the changing terrain and divergent growth patterns between the jawline and neck. Your goal should be pretty simple: to buy the right shaver at the lowest price and to spend as little as possible on replacement parts. Take our word for it when we say that you should put more thought into what electric shaver you choose, especially since they all offer different pros and cons. This choice is all about convenience. Almost all of the electric shavers listed above are easy to use and clean. Either it’s rotary of foil electric shaver you should always care about the shaver to clean stuck hairs from it.

It can cause malfunctioning the shaver too. As you move ahead in this electric shaver buying guide, you will need to answer some questions. The variability of electric shavers can also seem daunting to newcomers. That’s not to say foil can’t do the job. So you did your homework, searched through forums and review sites and you have a pretty good idea of the type of shaver you need. The right electric razor for you will leave you looking good every morning while providing a comfortable shave in the process. If you want more mobility and freedom then we of course suggest a cordless model.

Most of the best value electric shavers come with a cleaning dock, so all you have to do is put the shaver inside the dock and press a button to clean it. Always select a easy to clean user-friendly shaver for your skin. These will help you to determine as to what kind shaver you require; and will best suit these criterion. Wet or dry? If using foil, simply pay close attention to the grain of your whiskers so that you’re maximizing the results of each movement. You may even have a specific model in mind that would suit you the best.

Before we get into our buyer’s guide and list of top electric shavers, let’s address the question on a lot of guys’ minds. Just keep in mind that, for whatever reason, some cordless electric shavers do not allow you to shave while plugged in. Some models don’t come with a cleaning dock, so you’ll end up having to do it manually. Sometimes you may want to shave while bathing and that’s where the electric shaver must be waterproof.

Some questions that you must answer before moving ahead include:Noise is more common in foil and rotary shavers, though there are those who claim that rotary models are comparatively quieter than foil shavers are. Foil or rotary? Too many passes can lead to irritation. Now, if you were to buy a particular product, but have come across an almost identical one that costs significantly less, would you go for it? The fact is, a lot of men still prefer using a manual razor to start their morning looking sharp.

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